lady’s gift

this product designed for mothers , where it’s made of one piece in a stylish and convenient size to help the lady of the house to solve the many problems she will may face for small places and small things which might be lost or susceptible .for children

!!!?the most question has been asked when you sit in front of the TV is where the remote
folder is the answer to this question where it is mounted in a suitable place in the living room and after the completion of use is placed on the folder , Thus we save it from loss or loss of time for researching it .

It can be kept in the kitchen for the little things that used by women in order to be within reach of her hands

It can be mounted in a suitable place to put mobiles during charging and become a place dedicated to charge mobiles or tablet .

You can put it in the bathroom so that it is installed in a high place to put the dangerous things such as chlorine in order to be out of the reach of children .

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