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4G Soap holder sets

Life changes so fast and so as soap From soap bars to liquid hand soap and shower gel soap holders change steps – Instant fixed soap holders – directly to the tiles – Buried soap holders – inserted to a hole in the wall – Soap holders fixed to the wall with fisher nails kaiaan invented the fourth generation of soap holders that helps our client to use liquid hand wash easily with a soap holder made of china pottery The complete set consists of: towel holder, brushes holder, toilet paper holder....

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bathtub accessories holder

For the first time in Egypt & the middle east. We can assume that it’s the first in the world each bathtub has its own stuff : shampoo, shower gel, hair cream, facial mask, kids shampoo,… kaiaan offering you the best solution ” The holder ” a set consists of 3 separate pieces in modern, flexible and easy fixing shape variety of designs to match client desires and available space we are offering a forth piece ” shower sponge holder ” fits all kinds of sponges even البلدى with a thin needle to attach the sponge to it...

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lady’s gift

this product designed for mothers , where it’s made of one piece in a stylish and convenient size to help the lady of the house to solve the many problems she will may face for small places and small things which might be lost or susceptible .for children !!!?the most question has been asked when you sit in front of the TV is where the remote folder is the answer to this question where it is mounted in a suitable place in the living room and after the completion of use is placed on the folder , Thus we save it from loss or loss of time for researching it . It can be kept in the kitchen for the little things that used by women in order to be within reach of her hands It can be mounted in a suitable place to put mobiles during charging and become a place dedicated to charge mobiles or tablet . You can put it in the bathroom so that it is installed in a high place to put the dangerous things such as chlorine in order to be out of the reach of children ....

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Studio One (35)

Your corner in Your favorite place

this corner is made of two pieces installed in any corner of any where in flat or company, where its known that any angle between the two walls is considered wasted space in order to narrow space . SO kaiaan company made this corner to put small Related things either in kitchen, bathroom or rooms , you can put antiques on it to make the place more elegance and because we are committed to simple, modernity and flexibility in the development of our products we made this corner in different forms in order to choose freely, you can use it as a rack in the center of the wall when the two pieces .are placed next to some...

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